Why choose us?

If we were to describe ourselves, we would say we are a tuition ++ (tuition plus plus). This is because throughout our organisation, from our tutors, our administrators to our senior leadership teams, we foster an environment based on passion for imparting knowledge. We don’t just tutor students in the core subjects, we build their confidence, we inspire them to explore, motivate themselves and develop inquisitive mindsets.

  • Individual and tailored ability based learning
  • Small class sizes – four students per teacher
  • Regular and ongoing testing to check pupil progress
  • Ongoing feedback to parents and students
  • Daily homework to consolidate learning

All of this supported by passionate and dedicated tutors, experts in their subjects and who Love Educating Children as per our name LEC.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our parents and students say about us

Thanks to the support from LEC Education, my daughter is two years ahead of her classmates and working on her SATs preparation in year 4

My experience at LEC has been really helpful. At school, I have been improving at English which I normally struggle at and in maths I am also two years ahead of my class and currently working on SATs work!