Key Stage 1 – 3

What do we offer our students?

A pivotal stage of early childhood development, years 1 and 2 are vital for the long-term progress of our students. At LEC Education, we cultivate an early love of learning through engaging lessons delivered by our specialist early-years tutors. Our dedicated and considerate team help develop a foundational understanding of both English and Mathematics that will support our youngest students for the rest of their academic career.

During years 3-6, students will begin to develop their critical thinking skills whilst they delve into a more detailed and multifaceted curriculum. With both 11+ and SATs exams on the horizon, our exam preparation programmes have supported countless students. At LEC Education, our key focus on developing initial exam techniques in all students has helped them excel in all aspects of the exam and the national curriculum.

A complex key stage full of new beginnings and distractions. Ensuring that our year 7-9 students are provided with constant academic and life support is one of our main goals. Our motto to inspire, educate and motivate is exemplified best with our KS3 students, who are continuously tested and provided with personalised feedback to ensure progress. Our English, Maths and Science departments are all tailored to effectively deliver content in line with the new national curriculum. Towards the end of KS3, our students begin working on core GCSE level material so that they can go into year 10 fully prepared. Our summer GCSE Masterclasses and termly mock exams also help keep our KS3 students ahead of their piers.