Our GCSE results speak for themselves. Students often enter years 10 and 11 academically behind due to the dual threat of a new re-designed specification and the lack of GCSE content covered prior to this. At LEC Education, we pride ourselves on developing our KS4 students into independent learners and effective critical thinkers. Our GCSE resources based on covering all the elements of the various exam boards through exam-oriented questions has proven to be consistently successful. In addition to this, our GCSE booster classes, summer GCSE masterclasses and general sessions delivered by subject specialists have been proven to produce outstanding results year after year.

English Language

At LEC, we aim to give students of all abilities the skills they need to:

  • Read, understand and perceptively analyse an array of texts from the 19th, 20th and 21st century time periods.
  • Write distinctly, coherently and concisely using a range of vocabulary and sentence structures.
  • Speak confidently and articulately, expressing sophisticated ideas, information and thoughts.
  • We endeavour to enhance and deepen our students’ language skills to ensure they soar through their GCSE examinations and benefit for years to come, outside of their classrooms and examination halls.

English Literature

Students are expected to explore their respective texts by forming a convincing and critical analysis.

They must ensure that they include:

  • A judicious use of precise references to support their points
  • Subject terminology
  • Contextual factors
  • Detail and thoughtful explanations
  • Examining the effects of writer’s methods


At LEC, the aim of our GCSE programme is to provide a broad and satisfying maths course that develops confidence and instils a positive learning attitude towards a subject which children often find challenging.

  • Students are told about the importance of learning Maths and its everyday applications.
  • The main idea is to provide students with the necessary knowledge to not only excel in their GCSE’s, but to also give them hope and confidence that they can take up further Maths related courses for their A-Levels and in university.
  • The key aim is to have sufficient mathematical knowledge, apply mathematical methods/techniques, reason and make deductions.
  • Students are required to learn a great deal of concepts and should have the ability to recall them when required.
  • Like in key stage 3, the fundamental areas remain the same, however, the content is discussed in greater depth, both theoretically and practically.

    Key areas covered are:

  • Numbers
  • Algebra
  • Graphs
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Geometry and Measures
  • Straight, Parallel, Perpendicular Lines
  • Trigonometry (Advanced concepts)
  • Vectors
  • Probability
  • Statistics
  • Since GCSE Maths is taught in two tiers, we offer tutoring for both the Foundation and Higher tiers. Our highly experienced and qualified tutors have helped many students struggling at Foundation level to move on to Higher tier and achieve their predicted grades. Students are encouraged and challenged to work harder, have a greater understanding and practice more.

    Our bespoke maths workbooks, excellent online resources and brilliant teaching make it possible for students to improve their grades and reach their targets.


Having reached KS4, our pupils are presented with the possibility of either doing combined award science or the triple award. At this stage, learners expand upon the foundations previously learnt at KS3 in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Topics are covered in a manner that enables the completion of the requirements of the curriculum and beyond. Learners are guided to a comprehensive and complete understanding of the sciences and can deduce links between topics in a way that enhances understanding. Throughout this level, a strong emphasis is placed upon examination techniques. Sample past examination papers are used to focus and address topics that require more attention.